The online community platform for anyone who wants to collaborate within or between organizations.

Get started with your online collaboration community

Do you want efficient communication between your employees and/or external stakeholders with more room for innovation, knowledge sharing and project-based work?

ConnAct offers an extremely flexible and user-friendly community platform. With all the necessary community features, branding options and integrations with applications you already work with.

Collaborate efficiently in your own organization or within themed or cross-industry communities. With us, each community has its own landing page and visual identity, because the face of your organization must remain recognizable!

ConnAct, the total solution for your industry. Anywhere, anytime.

What you can do with ConnAct.

Improve your organization's communication and knowledge sharing

Publish, share and communicate like never before with modern, easy-to-use tools. Make better decisions thanks to centralized knowledge. Facilitate (project) staff by giving them the information they need in the format they want.

Set up workstations for company departments or projects

Instantly create online workspaces so your people can collaborate. Communities and Groups are a simple, yet powerful way to manage your business, even for the most complex projects.

Your Intranet. Anywhere, Anytime

ConnAct makes it easier than ever to get things done at work. Successful hybrid collaboration? Connect colleagues working from home with those in the office and give employees access to your ConnAct platform anywhere, anytime.

Give each name a face

Connect the entire organization with modern user profiles. Easily find and contact people by title, name, community or department. Quickly find the expertise and knowledge you need to achieve business goals. Increase employee engagement by leveraging their skills and abilities.

Help employees get more done with timelines, notifications, task and project management

Stay on top of the latest developments, important dates and your tasks with calendar and task management and project boards. Everything that happens within your project and organization can be found here.

Why ConnAct?

  • Scalability: ConnAct.Online offers a scalable solution that grows with your needs.

  • Excellent Value for Money: We deliver unmatched value for your investment.

  • User-friendly Tools: Our platform tools are intuitively designed.

  • Expert Helpdesk and Quick Response: We are always ready to support you.

What you want to achieve...

Improve internal communication

Centralize knowledge management

Accelerating team collaboration

Connecting and engaging stakeholders

Improve work culture and productivity

Supporting employees remotely

Be able to choose open or closed communities

Creating beautiful community pages with pagebuilder

Using dynamic content from communities

What do our customers say....

My experience with the team at has been extremely good. An extremely quick response to questions and almost everything is possible or made possible.
Erik Arends
AT Osborne - senior consultant
In the new world, you can't help but find a common place in the digital world to share information securely and reliably. This has greatly enhanced collaboration for us.
Ronald Dudycz
KPN - enterprise delivery manager
Working via works really well. We wanted to have reports and maintenance notifications easily transferred from automated systems of various market parties to and that was arranged in no time!
Vincent Habers
Program manager, Ministry of IenW.