Community Platform

Are you looking for a highly flexible and scalable community platform at the best value for money?

 Then ConnAct Ready is for you!

Flexible and scalable community platform based on open source applications

Furnish your new community platform with the look and feel of your existing Web site. Integrate where needed and add additional functionality where desired.

News and announcements

Keep your (project) staff informed of the latest news and announcements.

Blog Platform

Allow community users to write and share their own blogs. Publish those where relevant on your (external) website or share them in automatically generated newsletters.

Document Management

Not only can you store files groups , you can also use them within your organization as an interactive tool by collaborating, posting comments and giving reviews.


Decide who gets access to which group/community and what members can/can't see and do there! Set up drive, public or isolated communities.

Web pages

Create custom static or dynamic web pages for your community or for specific groups - design them easily with our built-in pagebuilder.


Create groups or communities and invite people. Share documents, photos videos updates and/or project tasks. Decide who gets to see and do what.

Photo sharing

Skillfully manage and share photos with your organization. Upload and share albums and insert images wherever you want.

Sharing videos

Share your own productions or the best of the Internet. Upload, tag and share videos with the rest of the team.


Find what you need quickly and easily. Add tags or categories to make results more relevant.

Members directory

Find community members by name, expertise, organization or other profile characteristics. Connect with each other, share knowledge or ask for advice.


Start a discussion forum and ask members for input. Subscribe to other forums to not miss anything.

Messages and Notifications

Send and receive messages from other community members. Stay informed about the activities of others through (mail) notifications.

With this ConnAct Ready Community platform, we got both a public website, community platform, CRM and Support portal in one environment. This saves us a lot of hassle and makes collaboration even easier.

Femke Mureau

Communications manager, Ministry of IenW

Add functionality with our add-ons

Do you need more functionality? Then use one of the add-ons below. All tested for integration with the community section.


With the Events add-on, you easily plan small or large events, including ticketing, seat count tracking and possible payment.


The advanced Projects add-on lets you manage projects and tasks. Create project planning and kanban boards and delegate tasks. Keep track of progress.


Run community members and sign-ups for events or otherwise automatically in your integrated CRM. Send automated (drip) campaigns for the purpose of onboarding. Automate your workflows.


Use our integrated forms builder to design and embed login forms and surveys. The data automatically flows to the CRM.

Learning Environment

Use our LMS add-on for an integrated online learning environment. Create courses or training, set up tests and automate certificate or diploma completion. Also very suitable for paid courses/training.

Knowledge base

Use the Knowledge Base add-on to set up a knowledge base or WIKI environment. Categorize and harmonize the knowledge so that it is always findable.

Support Portal

Do you need a professional support desk? Then use our Support desk add-on. Allow users or visitors to submit tickets, categorize them, assign them to support staff and keep track of responses. Give submitters access to their submitted tickets.


Want to sell products? Then use our webshop add-on. Integrates seamlessly with the community section and CRM and with the most well-known payment gateways.


With the Zoom add-on, you can use zoom meetings in your group(s) and send Zoom invites to participants in your group


With this add-on, you easily creep leaderboards and can assign badges to activities that users do.


Want to post jobs online and also manage them online? Then use our JobManager add-on.

Social log-in

Leet user smet log in with their Social Media account and use it immediately to share SM content.

Building and managing thriving online communities

The Connact Online Community Platform is ideally suited for building and managing thriving online communities. Our community platform provides the perfect environment for organizations, brands and individuals to drive engagement, share ideas and strengthen relationships with their target audiences

Why a ConnAct platform?

  • Simple configuration

    With our intuitive platform, you can quickly and easily set up your own community with our technical expertise.

  • Customizable

    Tailor your community to your brand and needs with custom branding and features.

  • Powerful

    Our platform provides everything you need, from document sharing, discussion forums and group chats to event management and user analytics.

  • Security and privacy

    Protect your community and data with advanced roles, permissions, security features and privacy controls.

  • Scalable

    Start small but grow with confidence as our platform grows with you.

  • Expert help

    Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you and provides training to get the most out of your community.

Together, we build smart, scalable online communities

Why a Community platform?

  • Involvement

    Build an active community around your brand or area of interest to increase engagement with your target audience.

  • Sharing knowledge

    Encourage knowledge sharing and discussions, share expertise and encourage collaboration and innovation within your community.

  • Network building

    Strengthen relationships with your customers, fans or members through direct interaction and valuable content.

  • Promoting growth

    Use your community to increase your brand awareness and discover new opportunities.

Working with the online community platform is a godsend for all our travel assistants. It allows them to keep each other informed about special situations at NS stations and allows us to inform and support them with relevant updates, maps, and online training. Onboarding is also seamless through automatic drip campaigns. The Qarin community app is a must-have for our travel assistants who provide assistance to people with disabilities who want to travel on public transport.

Monique van den Brink

Marketing Manager, Qarin BV

Your Community. Anywhere, Anytime.

ConnAct Ready makes it easier than ever to have your own native branded apps , for both iOS and Android. This way you are always connected as a community and you can continue to work on the go via the app.

As Logistiek Platform Utrecht, we try to connect companies and knowledge institutions to the logistics challenges we have as a City and Province. The community platform helps us do this by unlocking knowledge to our members and connecting them with each other. 

Program manager Logistic Platform Utrecht